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About Mobius Management Group

Mobius Management Group (MMG) specializes in consulting and sales & marketing management for medical manufacturers and service providers. MMG combines a unique blend of consulting prowess from proven industry veterans with a national rep network that can serve as a sales and/or technical support team to drive success on both vital fronts.


Proven, Known Quantities. Isn’t that what you would want in a partner? That’s exactly what each of us was looking for when we founded Mobius Management Group. President and Co-founder, Oscar Aceves, Co-founder and CEO Jeremy Belloit and Partner, worked together as colleagues, competitors and collaborators for decades in the medical industry before Mobius came about in 2013. The same expertise, desire and work ethic that was a recipe for success in our prior settings have made the transition along with us to MMG.


Respect around the industry is our most valued resource – we invite you to ask around before you consider us as a partner – and it’s this very resource that allows us to adequately service our customers. To be clear, this isn’t the “old boy network”, it’s decidedly new-school when it comes to knowledge and technology, with a dash of old-school networking and hard work mixed in for good measure. Our experience with, and thus understanding of Medical Distributors small and large, as well as our work with each of the top 5 Group Purchasing Organizations serve us well as we guide and advise our individual clients. Add to that our national sales rep network to support your efforts with “feet on the street” and Mobius Management Group presents a formidable range of offerings to help you reach your professional goals.