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Picture yourself outsourcing your entire sales and marketing efforts to someone connected within the industry, someone you also trust, who listens, “gets it” and executes the plan. Sound too good to be true? It doesn’t have to be. It’s time to raise the bar. Place it back where it belongs. That’s the mindset at Mobius. If it interests you, we suggest the “Contact Us” tab. At the very least, we’ll Listen.


Mobius is pleased to help new and existing companies with sales, marketing, structure, delivery method, partner selection and all things related with getting your product to the customer. Direct or indirect sales, we handle it all.


Mobius offers seasoned, professional sales and technical support through a nationwide network of skilled representatives. Once trained on the salient points you want potential customers to hear, the Mobius network works as your field sales team – supporting legacy distribution or taking your product or service directly to market.


Not sure with whom to partner to distribute your product or service? Intimidated by the process of approaching and negotiating with the behemoths of medical distribution? Relax, we can walk you through it.


Are GPOs right for my company? How do they work? Which one would be ideal? How much does it cost? Are they interested in my product or service? Do these questions sound familiar? MMG can help you address the questions and guide you through the entire negotiation, from a basic introduction to RFI / RFP or no-bid award.


Do you have the right product but lack the return on your R&D? MMG can give you an unbiased view of your sales force, strategies and personnel. Does your packaging fit your market segment? Can your customers easily find you? Are you missing new or existing avenues to reach potential clients? Let Mobius have a look under the hood.